Saturday, January 29, 2011

Artfire, Ecrater, Auctionbytes, and Webstore

Hello everyone, and hope ya'll are having a super weekend so far!:) I am home by myself today, roaming the internet, making a list of things, and hopefully later this afternoon I will be listing some more items between my stores of Artfire, or even Ecrater.

Does anyone read auctionsbytes newsletters? Well, recently they did a voting of marketplaces that had been nominated. Out of 16 Artfire was rated No. 1. Very good!:) Now, another site was right up there. In fact it was rated No. 2, and that place is called Webstore. I had signed up there a long time know, always looking for a place to fit in. Well, I LOVE Artfire, and will be staying there, but I always have to have another place. Reason being is because not All of my items are 20+ yrs old to be considered vintage. So, since they cannot be listed at Artfire I have to find another place for them. Which that is fine with me. Makes it more uniform around Artfire too. Anyway, I was curious about Webstore, they have slowly been changing, they do place with google, and it was noted in the vote done that they have made some profit here...which it has been hard everywhere right now. 

So...if you have heard about Webstore, deal with them, have dealt with them....drop us all a note here so we can see...Please:)

Ok, off to feed horses, take a break, and come back to working on listings. Trying to set myself a goal, and so far moving along with it:) Thanks for visiting everyone. Stop by here again:)

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