Thursday, January 27, 2011

Artfire Pro Membership. . . .Check it out!

Hello again everyone. Sorry, can't get enough of ya'll visiting me!:) As you all are aware I am selling with Artfire, have become a full active member there, have sold things there that sat with another market place for quite some time and didn't sell, love the tools used, the google analytics, my views are great, great forums and community, very helpful administration that gets involved with discussions and also will ask opinions of the members too. The list goes on. I can only repeat how much I am loving it there, and enjoying it. I like it enough I did set up my 2nd store there, and am so enjoying that too!

Ok, Artfire is doing another special for sign ups as a pro member, and this time it is done with a referral program. Sometimes you have to spend a little to make a little, and so far my sales have been enough to pay for my memberships...both stores, and profitable money after that expense too. No relistings to be ranked in google search, no relisting fees, list it and have more time to craft, repurpose, shop, treasure hunt, work on your SEO, and etc. Sometimes you show right away within 24 hrs, and like me I have hit the 1st page on different occasions too.

Anyway, if you haven't already stop by Artfire. See what others are saying, and give them a try. Everyone is always searching for another place, never keep your eggs in one basket, so stop by Artfire today with the link I have noted at the top. Click it, and away you go! You will love it like many of us do!:) See you there!:)


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