Monday, January 10, 2011

Artfire, Vintage, Collectibles, Dinnerware, Glassware, Pottery, Housewares . . . . Treasures of Many!

Welcome to all Visitors, and to all who also adore vintage, collectibles, dinnerware, glassware, repurposing, upcycling, and so many treasures to mention!:)

New year, here we are getting into the groove of things, fighting with weather for some, those who sell online are getting their stores & goals all into order, etc. Artfire has started off with announcing some things to change, being worked on, and how things are getting started for some futures plans, or things in the working. 

Artfire has announced some changes with the Vintage Market Place they offer, and kinks have been worked on, suggestions given, and right now things appear to be smoothed out for a bit. Many places sell vintage, allow this, allow that, and Artfire wanted to do things just a bit different, but yet useful, works with search engines, and also will help the sellers and the buyers on site too. So, when you can, stop by to visit with some vintage sellers there, and see the box that was added for a quick informational to help with the description of listings. From what I read with the forums, there is more to come, plans being worked on, and this is suppose to work into it. So, let's keep a watch on things there, and see what more goodies Artfire has coming out:)

I also wanted to note as a reminder that Artfire is Handmade, Craft Supplies, Vintage, Media, Fine Art, and Design. Great site, great sellers, wonderful customers have come through, administration is very good to work with & is involved in the forums, answers questions, and keeps not only themselves in mind with changes, but also what can work for the sellers & the buyers too. I have been very happy with this marketplace so far. 

Ok, off to do things. Thanks for stopping by LilacsNDreams to visit, leave me a comment, leave me a note, browse, and hope ya'll enjoyed your time here. Take care, and hope to see you again. 

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