Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Antique Online And Artfire....Come Visit Me to See

Hello to all visitors finding LilacsNDreams, those returning, and those passing by. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did here, and of course the time always goes to fast too. Black Friday? Anyone go shopping for this? I didn't, and have never been to one yet. I spend my day cleaning up after everyone, getting things in order, and trying to get ready for new listings...which I am working on both stores right now:)

Each year the time becomes earlier, and earlier when they start Black Friday at some stores. I had heard of a store that started by midnight on Thurs....sorry, that was Thanksgiving for me, and it shouldn't be forgotten by rushing out to be at a special sale. Thanksgiving is a time to be together with family, friends, colleges, with groups, etc, and sharing a special time that shouldn't be forgotten. 

Hey, are any of you signed up with I Antique Online social network? They have over 5000+ members, and still growing. Great place for everyone to share what they have, where they are selling it, about marketplaces, asking questions, seeking assistance with identifications, and so on. Here is what it what was printed about the site:

I Antique Online Is The Biggest Antiques And Collectibles Social Network is now the biggest and best Social Network for people who buy, sell or collect antiques, collectibles and art.. - Nov 24,2010 - Editor, C. Dianne Zweig announces that is the largest FREE community online for people who
buy, sell or collect antiques, collectibles and art. Approaching 6000
members with over 150 active Group Forums, is the
premiere online antiques and collectibles community. This is a welcoming
and fun community and very popular social network where members often
say "I Antique " online.

With 38,000 photos of antiques and collectibles and passionate
collectors who are able to discuss every imaginable topic on the antique
world, you will find that this popular antique social network is the
happening place to be.
You can set up your own profile page which functions as a free website.

Founded by Scott Liscomb and co-owned by C. Dianne Zweig, Editor in
Chief, has attracted some of the most informed
members of the antiques and collectibles community.

The Group forums serve as "collector communities" including such topics
as "Whadja Find", "Antique Marketplace", "Depression Glass",
"Glassware", "Pottery", "Furniture", "Care of Antiques", "Military",
"pop Culture", "Toys", : "Vintage linens", "Silver", "Decorating With
Antiques and "Vintage Clothes", "China", "Books", "Vanity",
Advertising", "Kitchenwares", "1950s", "1960s" , "1970s" and more.

You will also find Group Forums on the business of antiques and
collectibles such as advertising, promotion, marketing, social media and
more. Because many people are just getting accustomed to computers,
the internet and social media, makes a special effort
to help people get accustomed to using this social network.
Visit I Antique Online at:

When you have a chance, check it out. There is much there to see, read, laugh with, give ideas about, and just to enjoy. Ok, time for me to end this as it has gotten a little long again. And...I want to adjust some more pictures, and get things listed at Artfire. Remember, my vintage collectible store is with LilacsNDreams  and I just took some pictures for the handmade store I am working on too. See that at PassnItOn Stop by to see me at both places when you can. PassnItOn I am starting to list friend challenged me with listings, and how many can be I have a goal now. Wish me luck everyone, and have a super Sunday with a great week ahead!:)



  1. I just love iantique!! I have a couple of Dianne's books too. The spin off groups are great for whatever interests the antique collector. Off to check you out on Artfire!

  2. Thanks so much Debbie! I wondered about her books as I have never gotten them, but love to read her blog, and all she has to share!:)

    Have a super week this week! I am really behind, aren't I? Whoops! So sorry:(



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