Saturday, December 4, 2010

Artfire Marketplace, and eCrater Marketplace For My Vintage Collectibles, Home Decor, Repurposed, Upcycled, Hand Made

Wow! Where is the time going? It is just slipping on by with sooo many things to do, so many things to finish, and you know.....

Babysit Grand Baby again last night. She was in Awww of the lights, and tree I had done so far. Today we spent time going up and down stairs to the basement, and to the spare room upstairs. She sooo enjoyed helping me completing trees, adding lights, and little decorations. Watching her face light up with the lights, and things was joy in my heart to see:)

I have started listing things with my other store at artfire. The 2nd store is more for the hand made, repurposed, upcycled, and reconstructed treasures by me. I am having fun with it, and have more projects completed to picture & list, or some that are almost finished, and some just starting on....I am having fun with it! Isn't that what it should be about, right? When you can, visit my second store called PassnItOn I am slowly adding the inventory as able to, and as I progress with things here. 

My other store to visit at Artfire for vintage collectibles being sold is LilacsNDreams People are not really aware of Artfire also having vintage, and antiques being sold there, but the sellers and amounts of items keeps growing there. Artfire is for Vintage, Supplies, Hand Made, Media, Fine Art, and Design. Visit with me, and many other wonderful sellers there when you can. There is much to see with more being added everyday. 

Also, I am working on adding some things back into my eCrater Store too. Things that are collectibles, and not quite old enough to be considered vintage for artfire terms will be listed with this store. 

When you can, visit with me at all the store noted for you. Wishing ya'll a great Sunday, and a beautiful week. Best of luck to all. See you when you visit again with me here, or any of my stores. 

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