Saturday, December 18, 2010

Repurposed Upcycled Reconstructed Items of Vintage...What do you think?

Good Evening Everyone, and thank you for visiting with LilacsNDreams. Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season!:)

I have something I would like to put out there, and maybe can get some feedback on it from everyone. I never really thought of this issue before, but I guess it is there, and many opinions are being generated about it too. 

With Vintage items there has been a growing issue of refurbishing, repurposing, upcycling, reconstructing of such pieces. Some of the pieces used are because there might be a flaw with it, only 1 pc left from a set, have an odd number of items of the same & have not been able to sell them, odds & ends collecting dust, some items headed to the garbage, and some items have no flaws but have had a long glorious life & the owner wishes to show the piece in an updated form to fit with times of today. Whatever the reason it may be, there are vintage pieces being used for crafting of repurposing, upcycling, and etc. 

Now, there are some who feel strong about the vintage pieces being used, and feel it not right to do such a thing. They feel vintage pieces should not be used for crafting with. I have seen a comment made about repurposing being the end of all antiques. 

Then, it was noted that there are ways to preserve things that have been damaged, or greatly loved over the years. Why not make them into something wonderful after they have seen their glory days. It was also felt that taking something old, and creating something new again creates potential for new collectors that might not have been reached before. "Antiques" reminds them of their grandmothers things, and that is not the "in style" for the younger generation.

Then again it is felt that the items are being destroyed, and changed and feels this would be the end to all antiques. 

You know, I LOVE antiques, I love things old, I love things with a past, I love learning about these things & hearing their stories. But, even tho I like some of these pieces dearly, I cannot have them for my home as they do not fit with the tastes of the rest of the family. If they were updated in small ways, then yes it would work for our home. 

Anyway, I did not fully realize how this has been an issue with feelings towards some of the repurposing upcycling vintage pieces. From the past couple of days I have seen a lot of people like treasures in this way, and I have also seen some loving vintage the way they do, and being upset over this craft that is growing. 

So, without any arguments, anyone getting to heated over this, what do you think? What is your opinion of all of this? Please, do share. But, remember, everyone has their own opinion, there is no right or wrong answer to this, and I ask that everyone respects everyone when replying to this issue. 

Hope to see some responses from this, and see what others have to say about it also. Please share, and be nice everyone, ok? Thanks for visiting LilacsNDreams, and stop again. Have a super weekend everyone, enjoy, be safe, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS From LilacsNDreams!:)


  1. I think to use antique odds and ends is a very valid idea,often these things get lost over time and using them in craft projects preserves them. The new project becomes part of their history. In many cases its possible to use them in a way where they remain undamaged or from further damage and could be detached at a later time.

  2. If you look at my etsy shop, you will see that I use a lot of vintage embroidery patterns. I love that time frame with the wonderful memories that it brings. I use some of the new tea towels to put my patterns on so I guess you could say I do both. It is how we want to preserve those precious memories. Some people like the combination of both. I am glad that you are feeling better. Have a wonderful day. Merry Christmas Your Missouri friend.

  3. Shirley...if I could get rid of this darn hacky cough, I will then be fully free of this darn crud! UGH!

    Thanks for sharing on this you 2, I appreciate it. I was just kind of curious to this subject as I have opened another store at artfire using different pieces that are lonely, could not sell because I only have 1-2 of the pcs, left overs from sets, know.

    I enjoy crafting with some of the items, and preserving them in another way. But, I did not realize there were some who strongly believe this Not to be good with vintage pieces. I had 1 issue with a comment that took me off guard as I have gotten compliments on what I have done so far.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing, and anyone visiting feel free to share on this issue....Remember, there is no right or wrong to this, and everyone's opinion matters, so please no arguing:)


  4. If a table cloth has a whole in it or a stain, and something can be made from the good part, you are keeping it out of a landfill. This is wonderful, but if it is in good shape keep it has a table cloth. This way you are keeping both worlds happy!

  5. I strongly agree about keeping things from a landfill if possible. It is sad to see some wonderful lonely vintage pieces of this or that going to waste when it could become part of SOmeThinG! To someone!
    Maybe it could just be pieces of an item or a total remake using what is still good or patching the worn out to make Something from it. I love to collect discarded linens that no one wants anymore to use for something creative.
    My trouble is I am collecting them to sky high and being behind in my crafting as usual. I have name brand pieces of fabrics and chinas that I want to mosiac or crazy quilt. Even new crafts are possible with vintage fabrics and why not use them? I am not talking fine quality laces but I also have lots of vintage crochet threads on rolls never finished.
    I hope to find a use for them myself, or by someone else if I get to ahead of myself. I plan to start listing them just to see if anyone is interested. Oh, also buttons, they are plentiful! I do have discarded shoulder collars listed on Etsy along with some vintage china items. I plan to open another store for linens, laces, buttons, sewing patterns, craft books, etc.
    I hope to lose this cough also, it has lasted over a month.
    Smiles, Cyndi

  6. Hmm...Yes! I love seeing some of the old cloths, doilies, etc that are stained, have holes, and etc being preserved with some sort of craft knowing there is a little old with maybe something new. I have seen quite a few things done with pieces like this, and they are so treasurable! Nothing too fancy, and really down to earth using things like this. There is just sooo much that can be done:)

    Thanks for sharing everyone, and I am really enjoying all of this. Many ideas, and also to see that there are people who do agree with using some of the vintage, older items instead of throwing them too:)


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