Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Weekend From LilacsNDreams! * ! * ! *

WOW! Where is the time going? My gosh, this month is about 1/2 over with, and I think I seen a count down where Christmas is in 42? days? WOW! I am going to be rushing to get some things done myself. 

So, what is everyone doing for Black Friday? I have seen much advertisements, and announcements about getting items ready for that day, listed, noted, advertise here, and advertise there. Busy busy busy!:)

Everyone ready for Thanksgiving? I am not quite yet. Been getting a few things along the way, but still have a little bit more to do. To me the holidays have always been about Family & Friends, and spending time together. This year is different. I have family in the area, but for some reason I have a disfunctional family. This one is controling, do it her way, if so & so is there I will not be there, etc. The other one....well, let's just say some bridges were burnt pretty bad, and there is much hard feeling there as a result. I usually bite my tongue, go along with things, try to keep peace, and would like to see everyone together, but....this year is different. I would sooo like to be able to enjoy the holidays with no family squabbles, no fighting, arguing, etc. Anyone else like that?:)

Ok, anyway, stopping by to wish everyone a super duper happy productive weekend! Take care, and hope ya'll are able to enjoy it. Take care:)


  1. Lilacs, dear friend, you can only do so much and the only one you can control is yourself. Sometimes, we just have to give the other problems to the Lord and concentrate on ourselves. Wishing you happy holidays!

  2. Carolinablue...thank you soooo much for the visit, and your kind words as always. Wishing you well, and Happy Holidays!:) Take care:)


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