Saturday, November 6, 2010

2 Sales with ArtFire and Importing to Addoway

Hello again everyone, and glad to see all who have stopped by, found me by accident, passed through, etc. Always good to see someone here, and all are welcomed too:)

This week has been busy with trying to list things with my 1 ArtFire store, and importing things over to Addoway too. Some where in doing all of this I started to question is this the right thing I am doing, will it be any different, is there something I am missing-not seeing-not doing-more I need to do, and you know...thoughts like that. So, when I get like that sometimes, I look over to my board next to my desk. I like to study it as I will keep different inspiring things on there to help boost me when needed. Well, what I have copied above for you is one of them things I read. Once I read that, think about it, and it gives me a little push that I am off again!:) I remind myself that Rome was not built over night, and the same is for any on-line business/seller too. 

Good news this week at ArtFire! I have sold 2 items! Yes, great way to start the week, and 1-2 days later another notice of another sale! WooHoo! Great feeling of accomplishment. So, I started to list more here again. ArtFire is where I am selling my vintage items that I have. Not only do they offer handmade, crafts, many different artists & artisans, they also have vintage too. After visiting my store if you do not find quite what you are looking for, make sure to look with other stores there of vintage, and view some of the great treasures everywhere offered on ArtFire. Also, more good news from ArtFire this week is with an item I had listed. I did a google search for it 24 hrs later, and was amazed at what I saw! I was on page 1 with google, and about 1/2 way down the list was my ad!:) There are many many many who are offering the same thing as I am, and some maybe more reputable than I am too. But, there I was on page 1 ranking...WOW! I fell in love with ArtFire even more!:)

I have spent a lot of time with ArtFire lately because it is very easy to do things there, and a great group of people around there too. But, I have also started importing my items to Addoway from bonanza too. This is a fairly new place yet (2009) with a growing membership of members from everywhere, members with more than 1 marketplace they sell at, but I have also seen members that have quit at bonanza, or who have also ventured off to this place too. So, that is a working progress with that store there as well. They do have pretty good google placements with this place as well which was another advantage along with views:) Great support that is responsive, and is active with facebook & such too.

Something I adore with both of these marketplaces is they are allowing you to also show the other marketplaces you are with too. Yes, you are allowed to show links at both of them, and I think that is great that they openly acknowledge this issue of members selling at more than 1 spot. How comforting, and inviting is that?

So, when you get a chance in roaming the internet this weekend, stop by to visit my stores, visit with me, leave me a note, drop a line, etc. Love to see the company, and hear from everyone too!:)

I wish ya'll a very good weekend, and many happy sales to all the on-line sellers too!:) Happy Sales!:)

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