Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ok, I had to come back and do this separately:-) Well, here it is Tuesday, and hoping everyone is getting done, or close to being done with all their wrappings, card mailings, card makings, crafts, and beating the crowds with the shopping too. My husband left to finish up with shopping as I am waiting on delivery this afternoon, and trying to catch up with some things here since I have been home sick since Thursday...UGH! Been trying to get some items listed too, but just don't have the umph! to do all I want right now. Hopefully by Christmas day I am feeling better, and have a lil more in me to want to do things:-) Hang on!! We are in the area that is suppose to be getting hit really bad with snow, winds, cold, and all too! Well, I THINK we might be having a white Christmas after all! Hope this finds everyone doing well, and battling the weather where you are at. Take care my friends, and enjoy the day!


  1. Oh~ I pray you are better by Christmas!!
    And that you can have a white one! ;-)
    We have to travel just a little to get to snow..I like the option!
    Have a wonderful, merry Christmas!

  2. Thank You so much Myrna for the kind words & thoughts. I wish I had the option of traveling to the snow myself...miss that. Here it is Christmas Eve & we are snowed in, and probably tomorrow too. Only thing we are getting out for tomorrow will be to feed the horses...the winds will be hi. Have a Merry Christmas & safe holidays! Merry Christmas!



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