Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy New Year to our Troops!

Good Day everyone! At in the forums they are still running the same topic there that was started on Friday (Christmas Day) for the Military. This forum was started to wish the troops a Merry Christmas, and to thank them for all they do for US to have our freedoms that we so enjoy. Anyway, the forum was started that in the end of it they would copy all that was said & done by many to send onto them to share & know that they are thought of, and thanked in all ways for what they do. The forum was gonna run for 1 day, but it was decided upon to continue it through the weekend. A lil at a time was being emailed to a friend who was sharing, and of course there are many other friends, family & acquaintances that will also receive this too. This is a really really neat thing started, still going, and I invite ya'll to come by and visit, read what is there, and if you would like....please join in too. Have a great weekend everyone, and I hope you are able to join in with us all there, and share this special event :)

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