Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just Me Again....I missed blogging!:-)

Hello again everyone! I wanted to show just a few pics (there are many more) that were done by a friend of mine. Her photography business has grown, and she will soon be in her own building...just doing the final stages before she can move into it. At that time she will be able to display her work there, and do some of her photography there too. She has done weddings, graduations, special occasions, and etc. LUV her business name of Create-A-Concept. She does personalized video scrapbooking & photography as her business card says. Her business will be located in Ashton, IA...where she also lives too. Sooooo, if any of you are in the area stop by, and visit her on main street (remember the building is not ready yet, but a working progress)....where the real estate office use to be, just before Pete's. Or...after viewing, and you are interested, and want to know more drop her a line at OR 712.724.6548 . She checks messages frequently, and you can let her know that I (Kim Lambirth) told ya'll to contact her. Again, this is to wishing my friend Jodi much luck, and success with her new venture. Best of luck to you my friend, and I am proud of you!! ***Please do not copy these pictures as they are for viewing only...they are copy righted by the creator of them. Thanks so much!***

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