Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas with Vintage, Collectibles, and Antiques

Wow! On upon browsing the booths there I have really noticed some neat old vintage xmas post cards, and some of the older decorations too! It is so fun to look at those things, and wish I had them OR view them in a setting that is just so yummy! I often read many things about the vintage, antique & collectible things on the internet, and how well they do OR don't sell. One person made a comment that really had me thinking. They felt that internet sales for some with this area were not high as people really don't understand these items, they have different views of what these items are, and most of all...the younger generation sees it in a way that does not fit into their standards or lifestyles. Many things that were made from yesteryears often last longer than products made today. They stand against time well, some pieces have gorgeous coloring to this day, and there are also pieces that can be fitted into some of the modern pieces or settings a person has too. I guess having a love for past items, or the understanding of it would help educate many others of this area too. So, along with selling some of the past that I do, I try to sell some things a lil more updated too. So, when people visit my booth you never know for sure what you will find there. Everything of every age has a past/history to it. If they could only talk to us...could make for some good gossip & blogging, don't ya think? LOL! I hope all of you in blogland are having a happy happy Hump Day! Just think, this time next week we are almost there to that BIG day! Enjoy everyone & wishing for all to have a safe & happy holiday season! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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