Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday....Christmas is Getting Closer!

Happy Monday everyone! Are ya'll getting excited yet? Getting all that shopping done? Bet you are doing better than me:) Sales have slowly been picking up for me...the mad rush to get shopping done, to get things shipped, and there on time. I have never had an issue with my shipping times in the years I have been selling online. I have just had 1 order from this past week that has me a bit concerned. Shows the pkg to be there, but the customer has not received it. It is noted they have been notified twice about the pkg, but why is the customer asking me about who to contact then? Cross your fingers I get thru this one without any incidents...a bit nervous. Been cold here, and perfect time to be doing some craft things, scrapbooking, getting ready for son's graduation...but instead I spend time taking pics, and researching items to list for sale. Thru my searches I have been finding many different selling venues that either are still new, or some that seem to be doing quite well. Always looking for the ebay alternative so don't have to sell there. I have been selling at www.bonanzle.com/booths/LilacsNDreams www.alsoshop.com/stores/LilacsNDreams www.lilacs-n-dreams.ecrater.com I have also sold a few things on the bay...when they do the free listings for the mth, or specials of 1/2 price listings....course they are widely known so this time of year there is business to be had there too. WOW! Look at the time! Better be off to bed. Gotta get them xmas cards done tomorrow, and in the mail, take some more pics, and try to list a couple of more things too. Have a Great Evening everyone! Have a Great Week!

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