Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Domain, Do I Need a Domain Name, Is it For Me

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Hope this finds ya'll having a great Saturday as I am having myself.

There are soooo many things that could be discussed, talked about, shared, commented with, etc. Where does a person begin? I have to learn to start taking notes, or making notes to myself when I come up with ideas. I keep thinking I will remember them, but not always. But, while I have one now, am at the computer, I decided to come by here, and share it with everyone. 

Many of us are sellers online, or have things we enjoy doing that we have chosen to work with. We always are looking for ways to improve our sales, getting our name out there, and doing all we can to make things better for us, for our businesses. We consider venues to sell with, how many places should we be showing our products at, blogging, websites, domains, hosting, and so on. It all takes time, and a lot of work. After time, sometimes much time, we do start seeing results of this, and are happy to have done what we did. 

Along with these many decisions we make is the issue of "Should We Buy Our Own Domains?" I am like you, and often thought about should I do it, or not? Why do it? What is suppose to be the benefit for me doing this? Also, more cost, and expense of doing business too. Well, after much consideration I have taken the plunge, and I do have 3 domains now. I considered a lot of factors with it, but mostly I considered for Me. Is this what I needed, was it time to be upgrading and keeping up with times, and the pace of things? Definitely! I am so happy I have taken the move to do this too.

Things to consider when having your own domain:

1) Use your blog - I direct 1 of my domains to my blog. Much easier to remember, and it looks much better with business cards too. 

2) Landing Page - Show information about yourself, list your links, list your web pages, note your venues maybe you sell with, list your social networking information. So, having a domain would be a great choice if you have maybe multiple blogs, websites, venues, and so on.

3) Professional Page - Your Online Business, For the Writer, maybe you do Consulting or Coaching.

Having a makes it easy to find you, and to remember you too!

Many ideas for the domain name you choose. Some maybe choose to use their own personal a writer might do. Or, choose your business name for your domain name. I chose to use Go Daddy as my service because it is much easier to redirect my domains to a place if I choose to do so, change my mind, and etc. They have been very easy to work with. With Go Daddy once I get that domain it is mine, and I have smaller yearly fees to pay for it compared to having fees for a website, hosting fees, shopping carts, and etc. I do everything else free - pretty much free:) So, having the domains I do is a small price compared to what it could be. It helps with branding of my name too. I only do my domain with Go Daddy, no hosting, or anything else.

How many have a domain they bought? Are you happy with what you did? Are you happy with the service provider you chose? Maybe you are still considering it. I hope this little bit I have shown here will maybe better help you with your decision of this. 

Thanks for visiting LilacsNDreams today. Please know you are always welcome to visit with all of us here, and leave comments too. Love to see others sharing, and that we can share together as well. 

Have a super Saturday everyone! Hope to see you again:)

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  1. Good post and hope a few read it, I use Go Daddy and still have to assign them http to my blogs but I did buy the names. If you don't then sometimes it is too late and someone has the name you wanted to even if you don't use it it is better to have them with the name you want than wish you would have decided earlier and have it gone. That did happen to me on one name I wanted. You should post this to FB via Networked blogs if you haven't already! Hugs Have a great weekend! Marilou

  2. I have a domain name purchased and am in the process of putting myself out there more. I decided to take the plunge to see if it would help add more help to supplement and income. Thanks for your information. Your Missouri Friend.

  3. Marilou...Thank you very much for the visit, and sharing with us. I think I seen earlier that this was showing on my blog page too. I do have my blog set with Networked blogs. With the change they did I had an issue, but finally got it to work again, and am starting over with some of it. But, am thankful my blogs I am posting are showing on my fan page. That was 1 of the main reasons I had reserved a domain too...the fear of someone else getting my name. Over time, the internet growing, and many are coming close to my name, not quite yet...whew!:)

    My Missouri Friend...thank you for your visit also, and sharing with us here. That is how I started out with Go Daddy. I first had my domain, got it reserved with the .com. It took me a while, but I finally decided where to direct it to. I chose my blog for the .com, my store blog I pretty much share pictures only of products has my .net, and then my free website I have has a .co.

    I have my name reserved with 3 domains, it can be traced back 7 years now that I have had it, and I hope to keep it that way:)

    Thanks for visiting ladies, and sharing with us. Have a great weekend!:)


  4. Sorry....meant to say on my Facebook Page...not my blog page in my first sentence above...whoops!:)

  5. I had a domain name when I had my brick & mortar bridal store, but I didn't initially start out with this venture thinking that I was going to have anything more than a blog - ha, ha, how wrong I was. Now my name is gone for .com Thought about changing it to .net or something else, but I rank so high for my name just as it is that I fear changing now might affect my page rank.

    Anyway wanted to stop by and check out all your sites. I really appreciate the nice note you left for me over on Vintage Village. It helps to know that my contemplation on consolidating is the right direction to take.

    Look forward to seeing you on Twitter

    And I'd Love for you to join me on our JunkYard Gypsy Caravan Tour Hope to see you there :)

    KJ the JunkYard Gypsy

  6. Thanks for visiting & sharing with us JunkYard Gypsy...LOVE that name!:) I know what you mean with the blog. I started this a very long time ago, but never really put myself into it till I got more involved with making changes for online sales. And, of course everything else we pick up along the way too..LOL:)

    I definitely started out with the .com which is the more popular, and well known. At least it was reserved for quite a while before I did anything with it. I would have never dreamed of using a .net, or even the newer .co. But, as time went along, so easy to direct the domains with Go Daddy, I snatched them up...when they are running sales of course:) To me it was just more of a way to lock my name in from anyone trying to use it on the internet.

    If I remember correctly, all of the domains can be directed to the same I right? Does anyone know for sure? Anyway, so if I ever decide to lock things into 1 place completely, whatever traffic has been started would just be directed to the 1 place. But, we all have to do what works for us, ourselves, our businesses.

    Hmmm...I too had the brick & mortar store at one time, but am honestly enjoying doing sales online a bit more than in the physical address. People still sometimes ask me if I ever opened a new store, and I just hand them a business card, and tell them they can find me online:)

    Have a Great Sunday Gypsy, and thanks for visiting & sharing with us here today:)

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