Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles, Dinnerware, Glassware, Kitchenware at ArtFire

Hello to everyone who visits with me today. Hope you are having a great weekend thus far. When you are able to, please visit my new store with ArtFire that I have recently activated, and become a Pro Member too. I hope to be adding more, and thought there would be more for you to view, but I keep getting delayed. Hopefully by Monday I have more items listed there.

As you will see I am showing items at this time for my passion of vintage, collectibles, dinnerware, kitchenware, glassware, home decor, pottery. If you do not see something for what I have mentioned, I only mention it now as I am bringing more items in to fit with those categories. Some of the items are coming from other marketplaces I am with, and once I get to a comfortable level of what I have brought in to start, I hope to add more that has not yet been viewed with my stores:)

I have not been active with ArtFire long, but what I have done so far I am still very much enjoying it. I am starting to see a few familiar faces now & then with some members from other marketplaces too. We all want the same succeed with what we are doing.

I hope to see that ArtFire soon can be adding a few more categories for the vintage area as that is a great interest of people still, and to help accomodate some of us that sell different forms of vintage.

Here is to wishing everyone a great weekend, and of course the best of luck to All!:) Thanks for visiting with me, and I do hope you can enjoy your Online Treasure Hunting with Me!:)


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  1. You have a beautiful blog! Thank you for visiting mine and becoming a follower! I am now a follower of yours! Have a great Sunday!


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