Thursday, October 28, 2010

List of Google Disallowed Words

Hello everyone, and I am going to do something just a bit different than the norm for me. Well, kind of. I try to share things I know, things I learn, and things that would be helpful to all of you who are sellers. Google, as we know, is one of our highest search engines used to find our products that we all list for sale. Now, the list I am about to share here is in no way perfect, and will not be 100% complete. Why? Because Google is forever changing, but this list is close to what I have seen, and gathered thus far. These are words to avoid putting with your ads, titles, listings, and so on.


WARNING: Attempts to cheat the Google system using misspellings, asterisks, or other tricks are considered abuse.

- free (including hyphenated words such as pet-free, smoke-free, hands-free, etc-free)
- sale
- vacation
- travel
- travels
- Sold (will make your listings go to the bottom of Google's List)

- smoke, smoked
- champagne
- whiskey
- beer
- cigar
- cigarette
- rum
- rummo
- wine
- vine (supposedly because vine = wine in another language)
- vineyard
- camel (as a cig brand, otherwise it's showing up)
- brandy
- gin
- bordeaux
- burgandy
- ale
- hemp (?)
- absinthe (type of alcohol)  

- anime (however "manga" is allowed)
- strip
- stripper
- adult; including hyphenated words such as adult-size
- butt
- sexy/sex
- affair
- ale
- chick
- sensual
- offensive language
- knife/knives
- nude

- postage (or postage stamp)
- collecting (collectible and collect are okay)
- thorny
- precious metal
- muse
- corsage
- gun
- Z (as stand alone letter)
- double @ (i.e.: L@@K, B@@BS)
- fireworks
- bank

PRICE RESTRICTION: Google Base will not take items under US $1

CAPITALIZATION KILLS!! Only first letter of words capitalized. 

No punctuations, or markings used such as  : - , ; " " ( ) * !  and etc.
*Google and Google Base are 2 different search engines. Rejected listings in Google Base (Google Product Search / Google Shopping) may still appear in Google. 

I hope this list will help those who question things with Google. No one can have the complete list of this as Google is forever changing. For some words not allowed I would suggest being creative & open a thesaurus! Wishing ya'll the best of luck, and I do hope this can help you in some ways. Take care, and have a great day everyone!:)



  1. Thank you so much for the information! I knew that some of these where not allowed, but not all of them.

  2. You are very welcome basketsbyrose:) There is never fully a way for us to know of all things with Google. They do not ever really share it, but whatever we can put all together, and pass onto others...that is priceless:) Glad to be of help:)

    Have a super Halloween Weekend!:)


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