Monday, October 18, 2010

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Hello blogging friends & followers! WOW! I really have been MIA here, haven't I? So sorry about that! I guess I spent more time with decisions on listings, where to put things, working on my new store with ArtFire, have been moving a few more things to eCrater, social networking with TSU Sellers Network & with the new platform, pictures, finishing projects with glue, lace, sequins. Hmmm....I am noticing myself how I have actually been a little busy...This is Great!:)

So, if any of you have booths with Bonanza, how do you feel about that tab that was added at the top for their specialty site/store they are doing? Bags Bonanza....suppose to benefit for all of us on Bonanza by bringing more traffic because once they visit there, they can go onto the rest of bonanza to look & shop. Hmm...sorry, not real sure about this one yet. First of all...I haven't sold purses/handbags for a while, although I wish I did, but I haven't. Secondly, the color of the tab for this new specialty site is done in a color that is more noticeable, and eye catching too. Also, when searching some products on the Bags site...if one of the sellers has a store for more does not show it like it does on the Bonanza booths. Hmm....Also, if this were to work out pretty good, maybe next yr more categories will be added...vintage, collectibles, antiques were not mentioned in the list. Sorry, but for the first time it felt like being left out of something, and not considered. So, with hurt feelings I did supress my google feeds at bonanza right now. Have been listing between eCrater & of course ArtFire too. 

Well, now that this past weekend...not all behind me, it is Monday, going thru notes I made to ME, and am working on getting things done again. "Blogging" was one of my first noted, so here I am:) Again, I apologize for such a long delay, and I hope everyone understands how these things do sometimes happen. Thinking of all of you, and wishing ya'll a great week! Many happy sales to all the sellers, and best of luck to all the buyers too:) Till the next time my friends.......

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