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When Online Sales Are Made and Completed

When Online Sales Are Made and Completed.

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Every Seller does things differently when it comes to the completion of a sale made. How do you handle things yourself as a seller? What kind of routine, or system do you have set up? I myself have a routine of once a sale is made I like to send a note to the customer thanking them for their purchase, and to please notify me if there are any changes with their mailing address so that I can note it. Sometimes a customer will already have paid right away once they have made their purchase too. That is always good too. If they do this, then I send a note thanking them for their purchase, and their quick payment they made. Once I have delivered the box to the post office I will then notify the Buyer that their box has been shipped, and I will also include the tracking information for them at that time. I ship everything Priority Mail including insurance, and the tracking number is always included with this method. Other methods of shipping are done upon request. Keep in mind not all sellers will use priority mail. It depends on the items bought, and if they offer other methods. 

That is a smooth, and fun sale when things can go like that. Sometimes there is the issue of a purchase made, but it is unpaid. How do you then treat this? How long do you wait before you relist the item for sale again if this happens? I always allow up to 7 days for payments to be made. So, by this time if I have not received payment I am generally listing it for sale right away. Prior to that I have generally gotten a response from a Buyer, and correspondence has been shared. This is helpful with making a sale. Sometimes you have Buyers who do not respond, but still pay quickly, and things are good. Then, there are those who do not respond at all during this 7 day period that I myself allow for payments to be made. Keep in mind there might be explainable reasons for this too. Something might have come up, there has been an unforeseen emergency, and so on. Generally if I have not heard anything within 3 days from the Buyer I do send a small reminder asking if they received the invoice ok, asking if there is a problem, etc. More than likely I will hear from the Buyer. Then...there are those that do not respond at all. They have changed their minds, decided they do not want the item, and do not respond. This is not fun to work with, but a part of doing sales too. 

The biggest thing that all parties can do is Communicate. Having Communication is one of the best things to have with the procedure of sales online. I know that sometimes the notes I email to customers might be a repeat from what the systems from some of the market places themselves are already sending out automatically. I don't mean to spam anyone, and it is not my intentions of doing of upsetting anyone with this procedure. But, sometimes the systems have glitches with things being sent in a timely fashion to the customers, and I have no way of knowing this. So, to be safe, and more secure I still send my minor notes to the customer just to make sure we are connecting.

Something I like to remind customers about is if you have any questions, or any problems to please contact me. I am friendly, and easy to work with:) Hope this helps some of you understand a little bit of my procedures I use for when the sale is made. There is more, but this is one of the steps of the process. I have never been taught a true correct way, or told if there is a right or wrong way that is a rule to follow. In my mind Communication is the biggest thing that should be shared, and this I am a firm believer with when doing Online Sales.

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