Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pinterest is Good Useful Sharing Learning and With Copyrights

Pinterest is Good Useful Sharing Learning and With Copyrights.

Hello everyone, and as always Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Pinterest . . . We have all heard of it, or most of us have heard of it. It is a growing Social Network that has intrigued many people to join with them. It has been a pass time, place to share, place to learn, is useful for many reasons, and has been very addictive for many people too. What you do at Pinterest is you pin items that you have found on the internet that are creative ideas for you, maybe you would like to follow a website or a blog, make a list of items for weddings ideas, and etc. This is the place to do all of these organizational things for yourself. Whenever you pin something, that item when clicked on by someone else visiting your boards, will take them to the original place, or link of where the picture came from that you found it at.

Copyright issues with things like this? Visit ddkportraits.com to read what this person has done, and about her phone call with Pinterest Founder Ben Silbermann. Get an idea and feel for what was discussed, and what is being done by Pinterest with this issue raised by many people of copyrights. I know many of the issues have been from photographers, and some of their concerns are very understandable too.  Also, see the Pinterest - Copyright as they have it at this time.

I think Pinterest is fabulous, and has been a great source of seeing or meeting people, and new products too. Because of Pinterest I have been able to visit many other Websites, Blogs, Online Stores and Market Places by Sellers, and have seen some things that I would have not otherwise seen myself. With the issues at hand of concerned discussions, I do believe things will work themselves out too. 

When you have a chance, come visit with Pinterest, and you are more than Welcome to start with boards that I myself have started at Pinterest. All of them under LilacsNDreams of course. Always organizing, and rearranging things with items I wish to view later, keep in mind, and etc. Always welcome to visit with me there too!:)

Nice to see ya'll again, and hope you enjoyed your visit with LilacsNDreams. Remember, you are always welcome to share things with us here....keep it clean, and no arguing please, and remember everyone is very much entitled to their own opinions. Also, don't forget to say Hi so that I can hop on over to visit with you too!:) Take care everyone, and see you again soon!:)

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