Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stay Connected Google Friend Connect Leaves Use Linky Followers

Stay Connected Google Friend Connect Leaves Use Linky. 
Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! I know I have mentioned this recently, but I wanted to add another note, or a reminder of this situation. 

Google Friend Connect is going away on March 1st, 2012. Hate to see it, but Google has been removing some of their applications over time, and Google Friend Connect is one of them. So that I do not lose friends, or those who are connected to follow along with posts, any kind of notices, and etc....I have added Linky Followers. You will see this box in my right side bar, and right under the Google Friend Connect box too. Linky Followers is also Free...I like that!:) So, if you would like to stay connected please sign up with Linky Followers. 

Thanks for visiting everyone, and I look forward to many more posts being shared with you too. Take care, and have a super Sunday!:)

UPDATE:  I enjoy my followers with LilacsNDreams, and I know some of you like to have certain ways of following, and keeping in touch with some of your favorite blogs too. I suggest visiting SewCalGal with her blog, and seeing what she has to offer with this issue. some of the comments left by others to maybe give some insights to this situation too. There is a good chance that the blogspot bloggers will not be effected with this change, but we will have to wait to see for sure. If you know of anything, or have some suggestions....Please feel free to share them with all of us here at LilacsNDreams. Thanks for stopping by everyone!:)


  1. I've also been researching this, with plans to release a post tomorrow. But, I don't think it will impact you as it is geared towards those that use non-google supported blogs (e.g. Typepad, Wordpress, etc.).

    I will be interested in hearing what you think about the new LinkyFollower tool, from a blogger and blog follower perspective.


  2. SewCalGal....thanks for sharing this, and I look forward to reading your post of what you have found with this issue too. I have to admit I am a bit leary about the change, and wondered exactly how it was going to work, and what would be done. Also, who does it really effect too. I do have a blog with Wordpress, and I am signed up at Typepad, but I have used blogger for so long, it has been much easier for me to work with that I hardly use the other places. I just dabble with them:)

    I know Linky has been around, and has some other things that they do, or have done. I am adjusting to how it is working with friends following, and what you can do with it. Not sure if it is the thing for me to use yet, but am experimenting. Have thought about taking the Friend Followers out completely. But...that is one way of being in contact with people, following, and to be notified of things too.

    Research, time, and sharing of other fellow bloggers is a big help, and way for us all to learn too. Thanks for visiting SewCalGal, and sharing with us here. Look forward to reading your post about your research with this issue.



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