Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Optimizing Blogger Blog and Achieving Traffic

Optimizing Blogger Blog and Achieving Traffic. Welcome back to LilacsNDreams, and glad to have you here! I started a post last week as a refresher of what I had done about Blogs, Blogging, Platforms to choose from, etc. Today will be about what to do with your blogs to better help you with traffic which can also help in making some money if that is what you are choosing to do. 

1) Blog Title is an important part of applying proper SEO techniques. A reminder that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Choose a title that will use keywords other might use to search with, and make sure it reflects on what your top will be at that time too. 

2) Blog Description is a significant part of a blog for Search Engine Optimization, or also known as SEO. You want your description to be appealing to visitors, and at the same time using keywords that you are targetting in search engines. Remember, the keywords will vary for everyone because it depends on what you topic is at hand. Some keywords that I try to use for things that pertain to my blogs, what I blog about, what I sell, and what I discuss would be like vintage, collectibles, handmade, homemade, hand altered, repurposed, upcycled, glassware, and things like that.  

3)  Comments is something that you would like to allow with all your blog posts. Allowing comments can help enhance value of your blog post, and it also helps to update your content as well too. Along with this it will assist in helping to improve your search engine rankings. 

4)  Quality Content is a must for your blog success. When you can, or able to post quality content that people like to read this in turn will help improve your traffic to your blog. What you have started your blog for in regards to topics, themes, business, etc...If you can stay within some kind of a rythmn of it that people will be interested in they will stop to visit you, read with you, and hopefully comment and share things too. 

5)  Submit Blog to Search Engines and Directories. Submitting your blog to these things will give you a better search engine rankings as well too. When I myself submit my blogs I submit my domains that are directed to them, but I also submit their blogspot url addresses they have too. It helps since people will use both url addresses to come visit with you. 

6)  Use Keywords in the Anchor Text of Links. Using keywords in the anchor text of links is of vital importance to get some of your best SEO results with. Use your primary, and secondary keywords in anchor texting of links. Again, words I generally use for me are vintage, collectibles, handmade, homemade, repurposed, upcycled, altered, and things like that. When clicking on these different keywords you will be directed to 1 of the 3 stores I have items listed with. Also, keep in mind not to over due it too. Google, or the search engines see it being over done, or an over kill of it they will ignore you. It then will become considered spam, and that is something all search engines try to avoid.

I hope this little bit has helped some of you with things you do with your blogs. It also works for your websites, and can work with where you list your items for sale too. I can honestly say by doing some of the things I have noted for you over time, it does help your views with your blogs, and when I check my Google Analytics I am seeing results there too. I honestly can get more views with my Blog than I do with my stores. My long term goals...I hope it keeps working this way for me too:)

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and wishing you all a Happy Hump Day! You take care now, and see you again soon. Later . . . . . 


  1. Thanks for the great advice. :) I've been working on trying to get better at posting and also making rounds to comment. Have a great day!

  2. Thanks so much for visiting Scrubbybubbles...Sue!:) Happy to have you here. I know what you mean about making time for postings, a schedule, etc...I work with it all the time. I do have to remind myself that instead of waiting till the day I want to post something....I can do it in advance, and then schedule when I want it posted. That is one feature I like having, have used it a couple of times, and has done well for me. So, when I have free time I could make a post, and just date it when I want it, huh? Thanks again, and have a super week!:)


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