Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vintage, Collectibles, Antiques....Good Morning Everyone! :-)

I really need to change my habits of staying up late, and working on things, and start getting this bootie to bed a lil bit sooner!:)
So, since I am still up & it is 12:43 a.m. my time...Good Morning!! Looking at the calendar we really don't have much time left before Christmas do we? Hmm...the days will be going faster now. The end of this week already Halloween! Where has the time been going? I know I have been busy with trying to work with all the internet market places I am at. I keep posting a lil more to each place everyday, and moving things around a bit. I listed 3 things at www.LilacsNDreams.etsy.com I figured I might try that a bit. Then, I have listed 5? things with www.LilacsNDreams.artfire.com At the same time I have been growing my list with www.Lilacs-N-Dreams.ecrater.com I have 51-54 items listed with www.bonanzle.com/booths/LilacsNDreams --this place is really starting to pop up lately with auctionbytes.com & examiner.com had a couple of articles done from the owner/founder of this sight. Then, last, but not least I broke down and listed some things again with ebay.com and there it is just plain old lilacsndreams is my ID name there. It is the holidays, gonna list everywhere I can right now, and by January when things slow down a lil bit I can look things over. By then I can hopefully see a lil bit of where I am doing better at. At bonanzle.com I have also got my second booth I am working on right now. Got the name picked out, got my banner & avatar on there, just filled out for the google checkout there, and now I need to get some pics done from inventory here, and get listing in that booth too. I am hoping to keep in this 2nd booth just things like linens, table cloths, table runners, doilies, pillows, throws, blankets, etc. Just some of the more simple things that work great with many decors such as the country look, your cottage look, the chic, the retro, and etc. You know what I mean:) Well bloggers, it is now quiet upstairs:) My son brought a kitty home from work cuz it was sitting outside the door there, whining, and hung there all night. He gave it some food, and will take it to the vet on the way to school tomorrow. Boy who wants to be tough, trying to do the right things with the way things are in life, graduates this year, but still has a really big heart...hope he never loses that!:) Ok, I am off to bed now....a lil earlier tonight anyway:) Ya'll have a great morning! May the sun shine on you wherever you are!:)

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