Friday, October 2, 2009

Vintage Collectibles Antiques ....Charlie Chaplin 1st Edition Collector's Plate

Ok, I have had some help with this from fellow bonanzlers & am still hitting some dead ends. This is the Charlie Chaplin plate that I am researching. I have even gone to where the company site was...or at least thought it was. They sent me onto another place...Hmmmm. Bubbles Inc is numbered # E108, and is a 1st Edition too. The maker of this plate does have his signature on the back of it. This plate is still in new condition & the only thing that shows any kind of wear is when I was removing it from the styrofoam...fighting with it should I say? & pulling some of the tape back that had this all sealed together inside. As you can see it is a plate that is ready to hang OR comes with the plate holder to use for a sitting display too. How unique that the cover for this plate is a tin that is the shape of a movie reel. He is well known for his silent movies being the 1st film star. His films are history. I see many posters, figurines, post cards, and etc being sold for him. But, I cannot find anything with this plate. If it is that hard to find, maybe it would be a gold mine to a collector too. What do you thing? Any suggestions? If you have any ideas on where to look I am open to more suggestions as I have been trying what I know & what others have chipped in on too. Ok, this is good nite to ya'll again. Sorry, but really putting this out there to find out something, and asking for a lil input to this if you will, please. Ya'll take care & Have a good one. Later....Kim

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