Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello to All Vintage, Collectible, Antique Collectors, Sellers, Buyers & Fellow Crafters of Many Things Too! :)

Excuse me, am so very sorry everyone:( I didn't realize I had been away from here for a week now. I have stopped in to read & check on things, but never left a note for anyone. Sorry. Stayed busy buying a few things from fellow bonanzlers at their booths, have attended a few live auctions with some of them, and enjoyed my time visiting with all too. I did get about 3 items listed, but am working on more. Have delicately lightly cleaned a few things, and waiting on them to dry & take a few more pics to show everyone. Everyone ready for the goblins, witches, ghosts & all the lil scarey critters we get for Halloween? I usually decorate a lot for all the holidays, but have fallen behind for Halloween. Busy contending with car problems, and family. Nothing serious, just another stepping stone in life is all. I did visit a few more lovely blog spots today & so enjoy reading what others have to say, looking at their pictures, and learning many things from many people too. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories, your experiences, what venues you are selling with or can be found at, your websites, and etc.

Well, I must get back to drying & getting some pictures done so that I may list some more lovely treasures for sale. Stop in & visit with me sometime at bonanzle. I can be found at If I am on line when you visit, we can surely live chat if you want as that is a feature they have there. Ya'll take care & Have a Beautiful Weekend! :) Kim @ LilacsNDreams

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