Thursday, November 10, 2011

Google Plus Business Pages Opened For LilacsNDreams

With Google+ 

Google Plus Open For Business Pages

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! If you do not already know about it, or have not seen notices for it yet, Google Plus has opened their next phase for Business Pages. Like anything else when new, a bit confusing till you figure it out, but it really has not gone badly. When trying to work with something new you always seem to hit a slight bump in the road. It happens. I myself do like how these pages are compared to FB. I am having more success with navigating around much easier, and going from a personal to the business page seems to go much smoother than FB too. 

One thing I like about a business page with Google+ is that it will be good for SEO, gets your name out there more, and I have seen some business pages comment on how they were being ranked and found with their pages too. Hey, every little bit we can do helps all of us Sellers out, right? Google has many different apps that people work with, they offer free websites, and until I went to process my Google+ Business page....I had forgotten that my business name is registered with Google showing business hours, map, location, and etc. So, the more with Google the merrier right?:) And, let's not forget that Google is also the biggest search engine for general, and for shopping too. So, having these business pages just gives it another kick too:)

When you can stop by to visit my page, see what it going on there, sign up with Google+, give me a holler, and add/invite me to your circles. 

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams. Remember to visit my stores for vintage, collectibles, repurposed, and reused treasures too. Most of the inventory is at Artfire, and I also have a few things with Ecrater. Some of the inventory has been listed with Ebay recently too. Hey, gotta get some of this inventory to move so that I can make more room for other things found, and mostly to make more room for me to work on repurposed and restyled pieces too. 

Take care, and hope to see you again!

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