Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day Light Savings Time Clocks Fall Back an Hour

Day Light Savings Time Clocks Fall Back an Hour. 

Hello everyone, and Welcome again to LilacsNDreams for vintage, collectibles, gently used, and repurposed. Wanted to stop by as a reminder to everyone AND to me too! Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight before you go to bed. You could wake up to a reality check in the morning when you are rushing to get to church, go to the store, meeting with friends, and realize that you are ahead of schedule...LOL:) So, set them clocks back, and enjoy another hour of sleep, and relaxation. I know I will. 

I realize with us setting the clocks back it is good, we are "gaining" an hour, and all of that. But, I also am reminding myself how it will get darker sooner, the nights will get a little bit longer with darkness, and that fall/winter is here. Hmmm.....

Well, off I go again. Taking a break, got a simple wood candle stick painted today, wanted to tea stain some music paper....I have to find them in the closet again. Need to measure, and make a paper template to follow before I start cutting into those music book pages. Will see what happens, and what this body feels like doing tonight. 

Thinking of my friends as they are out shopping, digging, thrifting, and enjoying "girls weekend". Hope all is well with them, they are enjoying it all, and finding some good things too:) 

Thanks for visiting LilacsNDreams, and hope to see you again. Take care till the next time everyone.....


  1. I don't think I'll be setting my clock back at 2:00 am, sometimes I don't set my clock back for weeks, but I still manage to know what time it is :)

    You have a lovely shop, visiting you from the Artfire forums and checking in to get those links backlinks to Artfire. Or, at least from Artfire to you.

  2. LOL:) If I wasn't at home, I would not have to worry about any clocks because the computers, and the cell phones, and all of that set themselves....just way to easy:)

    Thanks for the compliment, and the visit as well. Know what you mean about all them wonderful backlinks to Artfire....some day it should all kick in, and really start showing progress right?:)

    Thanks again, and have a super week. Happy Sales!:)


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