Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vintage Inspired Handbags Totes of Feedsack Burlap Sacks Material

Hello Everyone, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams!
Nice to see you all here, and thanks so much for stopping by. It's that time of year with spring, and actually finally feeling it here. When it gets like that I am soooo ready to get outside and do some painting of things, working with some craft things, do diggins, thrift stores, yard sales, and oh soooo many FUN things to do!:) How about you?

I have been roaming the internet seeing some things others are doing, getting ideas of my own, making notes, and you know what I mean, right? I love handbags, purses that are vintage, collectibles, and some that are also handmade too. Better yet, vintage handmade is really neat to view too! The vintage along with the updated I have been finding used with some really creative ideas, and loving it. I have seen handbags, or totes also made of feedsack, burlap, and some have been really creative with making them from the feedbags of birds, dogs, and cats too. With some of this also I also seen denim used, and some fabulous quilt chenille scraps being used too. Amazing pieces! Some take a while to reconstruct, and some are not that long at all. 

I seen one seller who was using some Grain Sacks made into totes. I am upset I cannot find her name in my notes as she does a wonderful job, and I would love to give her credit for what I seen too. Some of the sacks are less than perfect, few small stains maybe, small minor flaws with the fabric, but are so yummy big. They can hold loads of great things from the flea markets, thrift stores, shopping for animals, and etc. Just everything. And, not only can you make these wonderful handbags, and totes I have been seeing all over the internet, but the materials can also be used for pillows, covers for chairs, etc. Some of the handbags, and totes use such wonderful materials for lining, and giving it a bit more character too.

Along with the Grain Sacks are Feed Sacks, Burlaps, Seed, Flour, Sugar, Salt, and Coffee Sacks being used too. You can also purchase image transfers that relate to the times that everyone likes. Purchasing the transfers you can then use them to make your bags, totes, and handbags too. Depending on the sack used pretty much determines the size of the bag made too. The handles can be made from the same materials, other materials, sometimes a rope with a cloth wrap, and so on. 
The Dog Cat Food bags that get made would be great for when your lovelies have to be kenneled, stay with a friend/relative, and so on. It becomes their traveling bag, or their shopping bag too. 

Along with the totes, and bags I have also seen sunglasses/eyeglass cases made, checkbook covers, table mats, table runners, table cloths, napkins, hang tags, and just soooo many things to mention. Using these materials makes it inexpensive, and a durable material being used. 

In the pioneer days some of the families' only source of cloth for children's clothes was empty cotton feed sacks. From these were made little girl dresses and blouses, men's work shirts, women's aprons, pillow cases, dish towels, and so on.  Today I enjoy seeing some of the tea towels made with this material, and adorning the kitchens.

Using these kind of materials is good for the environment which many are working with. Others like it for their Home Decor with the rustic look to upholster furniture, wall hangings, other things mentioned too. 

The pictures below came from a few different places on the internet while in a google product search of feedsack, burlap handbags totes. I am disappointed as I cannot find the notes I made with the names for the few that the pictures belong too. Please note, these are NOT items by me, made by me, and so on. They came from websites of others, their blogs, or some of the market places such as Artfire, and Etsy. I apologize for not being able to find the names for them, but also wanted to note I cannot take the credit for these items made by others.

I hope what I have shared with you today helps them creative juices for some of you, but also to note that some things vintage, and old can still be preserved, but in other ways that are usuable for the times of today too. If you are like me, and never throw anything away, and feel you will find a use for it some day. Well, here is 1 amongst many many ideas to be used. 

Thanks for visiting LilacsNDreams today. Hope to see you visit with me again, and remember....You are always welcome to leave a comment, and share things with all of us here too. Take care Everyone, and enjoy the day!:)


  1. Hi there Lilacs,

    Love your images. Re the burlap bags one really could embed these nifty gadgets onto the kitchen walls. Wouldn't that be a conversation peace. When I look at your images, a great longing to yesteryear comes up. What a beautiful blog. Thank you


  2. Heidi...that would be fabulous doing that too! I have seen the burlap done with different things, in different ways. It brings me back to memories of being on the farm with my grandparents, out in the hen houses, feeding the cattle, feeding the hogs, riding horses....and the things I would create with things found on the farm in the empty hen house too....Hmmmm, memories!:) I should have kept some of those things I did then as people sure would have liked them today:)

    Thanks for the visit, and your very kind words!:) Have a fabulous day!:)



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