Friday, April 6, 2012

Social Media Tools to Use For Vintage Handmade and More

Social Media Tools to Use For Vintage Handmade Homemade and so much more!

Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! I started a discussion a few days ago about Social Neworking, and Social Media. Very similar, but slightly different too. I wish to continue on with this thought, and hopefully help you a little bit more too. 

In this posting I am going to mention a few of the more popular, or used places out there that others are using. Keep in mind that this list is not all of them as there is much out there to see, and be a part of. It all depends on your interests, the business you have involving it, your personal thoughts and feelings, your goals, and so on. Hope this will again help you, and give you some ideas as where you would maybe like to go, and for future goals too. 

Social Media Networks to consider:

Facebook:  This is a Social Networking service that allows its users to upload pictures, and text to be shared. Facebook Pages is usually the best place to start, or one of the first thoughts people will have to join. Facebook Pages allows you to collect Fans who can better follow you, and your updates to things. 

Google+:  This is another Social Networking service that is newer than Facebook. Here you can also upload pictures, text, and videos that you would like to share. Upon sharing such things they are done publicly, or you can direct them to show with specific circles. Circles are organized by you which are groups of people you wish to share with. 

Google+ Pages:  These are organized by groups, organizations, and business that set up profiles for posting information to other groups of interest.

LinkedIn:  This is another social networking sight that is focused a bit more with business relations.

Ning:  This is a social network that is designed by you the administrator with your needs in mind. It includes having forums, blogs, photo galleries, a place for others to collect to and share about themselves, and their businesses. Another great way for others to collect to, and be active with. See a few of my links in my side bar to get an idea.

Pinterest:  This is another form of social networking that is done by using pin boards. Here you use a photo sharing technique of things you find of interest which include vintage, collectibles, repurposing, handmade, homemade, blogs, websites, etc. Great way to organize some thoughts, and is another way to bookmark things you find of interest. 

Wanelo:  This is yet another form of social networking that is done by using the pin board idea again. Here you again pin, or save photos into collections you organize yourself. The difference with Wanelo is you are allowed to self promote yourself here.

Please, remember there is much out there to be seen and viewed. These social places I have mentioned are not all of the Social Networks. I am amazed some days how I can still find more, and see more when I am roaming the internet. The ones I have mentioned here are those that are used more, or have become popular for many to use. Next time I will cover a few more things with Social Network Media Tools to use.

Hey, if you know of others, have found others, or have joined with others that are not mentioned here...Remember you are always Welcome to share with us here. Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams today, and always happy to see you. Make sure to say Hi so that I can come visit with you too. Take care, and have a Happy Day everyone!:)


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