Thursday, April 12, 2012

Social Media and Network Photo Sharing Applications

Social Media and Network Photo Sharing plays a part of Social Network, and Social Media too. 

Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! Still trying to carry on with Social Networking, and Social Media with this break down I had started. I do hope it has been helping some of you, and is helping you to see how big this is, and how much is really out there too. 

Photo Sharing is another tool that you can help share, and market with for your Vintage, Handmade, Homemade, Market Places, Venues, and so on. I will not be covering all of them offered, but I will be sharing a few with you. Don't forget if there is more you would like to see, or learn about that you can always Google it as well for the information, and links.

Photo and Video Sharing:

You Tube - This is a video sharing website where the users can share, and can upload new videos. With this site you can also put together pictures, some music, and different things to make a little video of your products to be shared with others on their blogs, websites, and so on.

Flicker - The website is for hosting images, and videos too. The community of members here can share, and make comments on the media viewed here. Through google searches I have also seen pictures from here that ranked enough to be seen with search engines.

Picasa Web Albums - This is another free photo sharing website that is connected with Google. It's a free Google Tool for Online photo sharing, and photo editing too. It has been noted about the simplicity here, and the free picasa software for photo organization, editing, and uploading too.

Photobucket - This is yet another free basic account to be used. There is also a paid account that can be used too. Here you have photo sharing albums you make. You can also displays, and customized galleries, and slideshows. Some of them you might see on different blogs, or websites as well.

Twitpic - This is a website that users are easily allowed to post pictures to Twitter. Being among one of the top rated Social Networks they should have something too, right?:)

Instagram - This is an iPhone application that allows users to also share photos. The phone applications are another big thing being used by many. Sorry, I have not quite advanced that far yet, but it is coming:)

As you can see this is a growing thing by using photos, making your photos clickable, using videos, etc. It is all good for social networking with others. Another great way for you to share things, and to show items that you make, or sell too. 

Hope this little segment was of use to some of you. Sometimes it is the little things that we do not think of, or that we put together without realizing it  is all useful to us for many reasons. Thanking you all again for visiting with LilacsNDreams. Hope you enjoyed it, and don't forget to visit some of my other site pages too. My LilacsNDreams Shoppe page shows pictures of items I have done, have found, that I offer, things sold, and sometimes you will see treasuries or collections that have been done too. Take care, and see you all again soon!:)

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